( Courtesy Awe Sum Organics )

Awe Sum Organics, Santa Cruz, Calif., will be starting its Mexican table grape program in mid-May.

The red and green seedless, organic and fair trade grapes will be loading in Nogales, Ariz., starting on May 18, according to a news release. A week later, black seedless grapes should be available.

Awe Sum Organics is introducing organic Candy Snap grapes in early June. The company’s Mexican grape program lasts through June. All grapes are available in 18-pound boxes of pouch bags, with 90 boxes on each pallet.

The industry estimates that overall grape production will be down 20% from the 2019 Mexican crop. A freeze decreased expectations for early green seedless grapes, putting volume at about half of last season’s, according to the Awe Sum Organics release.

The company’s Mexican grapes are grown and packed in Sonora and certified through a fair trade program.

“We feel it’s important to give back to the local community involved in growing, harvesting, packing and shipping our Awe Sum Organics grapes,” David Posner, president, CEO and founder, said in the release. 

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