Have you taken the Hitchcock Farms produce quiz?

I took the quiz and did okay (all right, I was perfect) but there are a couple of questions that could trip anyone up.

While produce professionals will do just fine, apparently a ton of people suck at the task of identifying pictures of fresh produce. 

The results of the quiz rate states by their fresh produce knowledge,  with the designation of “artichoked” for the worst performing states (Kentucky is the worst at 20.9%, followed by Connecticut, Missouri and — gasp — California.

The top performing states, tabbed “green genius,” were led by Wyoming with 72.3%, trailed by Mississippi, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

All in good fun, and perhaps the sampling error perhas plays a big part in all of this.  But Kentucky, 20.9% - really?

The quiz seems like a good way to draw attention to the company, which has recently rebranded itself.


You may have heard of Buck Owens and “The Streets of Bakersfield” but have you heard of the band from Salinas that is taking its act to Chicago’s United Fresh show?

Here is the release about the “All in Band.”

Some bands were born on the Bayou…but the All In Band was, in many ways, born around the fields of Salinas, California. The All In will be performing on June 11th at the United Fresh 2019 Convention & Expo in Chicago (unitedfresh.org) which will be held June10-12, 2019 at McCormick Place. Later that evening on June 11th, the All In Band will perform at the legendary House of Blues as the Opening Band at the United Fresh Late Night Party, promising a rockin’ good time followed by Chicago’s own Talk of the Town, a 17 piece ensemble. 
In addition, back in California, the All In Band will be the only band performing all afternoon at the 18th Annual Monterey Beer Festival on Saturday, July 6, 2019 at the Monterey County Fair & Event Center. (montereybeerfestival.com) Festival goers are in for a fun musical treat to accompany their brews!  
What makes the All In Band unique, along with their talent and a shared longtime love of music, is that all three band members are working as executives in the Ag industry in Salinas.   Drew McDonald is Vice President of Food Safety and Quality at Taylor Farms, David “Coon” Offerdahl is the Director of Ag Engineering for Taylor Farms, and Brian Jameson is the Executive Vice President of Global Supply Chain for Caveman Foods. 
According to Drew McDonald, “Brian and I have known each for many years going back to 1994 when we were roommates in Yuma and started playing guitar together. As a common link, we discovered we both loved the Grateful Dead. We met up with Coon several years later at a friend’s birthday party. He asked to jam with us and we’ve been a band ever since.” 
All three members have been in a variety of bands dating back to high school. Brian is from the Bay Area whereas Drew and Coon were both born in Minnesota, living about an hour from one another. Currently, Drew and Coon live in Salinas and Brian is living in Pacific Grove. They have a huge repertoire and genuinely love sharing songs (and tambourines) with their dancing fans! 
The All In is a Monterey-based 3-piece power trio band with a diverse playlist that has something for everyone. Just a few of the artists they cover include Credence Clearwater Revival, Kings of Leon, AC/DC, Rolling Stones, ZZ Top, Beatles, The Grateful Dead, Zach Brown, Hank Williams, Black Keys, Black Crows, Coldplay and so many more. The All In loves requests, inspires crowd participation and keeps the dance floor moving, typically with a drink in their hand. The band features Drew McDonald on Guitar/Vocals, Brian Jameson on Bass/Vocals and David “Coon” Offerdahl on Drums. 
Coon explains, “The explanation about the band’s name is when we perform, we go All In at every show!”  

Drew adds, “We literally have something for everyone but we are not a typical cover band. We strive and pride ourselves on playing OUR versions of popular (and sometimes not so popular) songs. We play music we like to listen to and take requests, too. We have common tastes but also divergent ones which makes for some fun dynamics. On any given night, you may hear Brian sing Prince’s “Kiss” and Bruno Mar’s “Uptown Funk”. I might sing KC and The Sunshine Band’s “Get Down Tonight” or “Loose Lucy” by the Dead…or both of us will exchange verses on the Rolling Stone’s “Dead Flowers”. One never knows! Coon is our perfectionist and while we try to stick to a setlist, we often like to play “stump the drummer” and we will call an audible for a song Coon might not even know. He’s such a good drummer, it doesn’t matter!”