( Courtesy Growers Express )

Growers Express in Salinas, Calif., which in January sold its commodity business to Salinas-based Church Brothers, sells cut vegetables under the Green Giant Fresh brand and has seen demand rise “significantly” over the past year for its Veggie Meal Bowls and its Fresh brand Little Gems lettuce hearts.

Callie Whitney, marketing and communications coordinator, said the items had been re-packaged to a more merchandising friendly format.

In November, the brand was able to create Facebook and Instagram accounts for the first time.

“This was not allowed previously due to the licensing agreement with the Green Giant Fresh brand,” she said.

Since then, the company has had “good success” with retailer-specific programs and giveaways on Facebook, she said.

Submitted by Anonymous on Sat, 04/27/2019 - 02:09

I’m pretty sure that Green Giant Fresh started the Green Giant FB page back in 2010! Anyone remember the FarmVille promotion? You can find the articles in the archives. Very successful!