An artist's rendering of Ancon Development Corp.'s new AGT Hybrid Greenhouse. ( Graphic courtesy Ancon Development Corp. )

Escondido, Calif.-based Ancon Development Corporation said the company has been picked as a finalist in the Energy and Sustainability category in the 2019 Edison Awards for its new AGT Hybrid Greenhouse.

The greenhouse includes a sealed, cleanroom laboratory environment with variable daylighting control, which is perfect for medical plant research, plant testing for new hybrids through DNA co-mingling, hybrid seed testing, bio-algae, and for growing in cold climates or barren environments, according to a news release.

Gold, silver and bronze winners will be announced April 4 in New York.

The release said only AGT Greenhouses use an underground Natural Air Earth System to draw natural earth core air temperatures of 55-60 degrees to reduce energy bills by up to 80%.