Grimmway Farms' employees pitch in to help clean up Lamont, Calif. ( Courtesy Grimmway Farms )

More than 200 Grimmway Farms employees and family members again pitched in to clean up a community.

The group’s Oct. 27 community cleanup was in Lamont, Calif., near Bakersfield, where Grimmway is based. It's the second time the company has been to Lamont for the cleanup. The volunteers filled two Dumpsters with trash and a flatbed truck with large items.

“I was born and raised in this area and I go to work here every day,” Jeff Huckaby, Grimmway Farms’ president, said in a news release. “The annual cleanup event is important to me because it allows us to give back to the community as a team. It also helps us set a great example for our kids on how to care for the environment, a concept focal to our business.”