( Grimmway Farms )

Bakersfield, Calif.-based Grimmway Farms is set to begin a year-long celebration of its 50th anniversary.

Built around the theme, “Family-Owned for 50 Years and Growing,” Grimmway Farms will pay tribute to its history.

“We want to recognize how important our employees, partners, customers, and communities have been to our success while acknowledging that it was the vision and values established by  our founders, Rod and Bob Grimm, that have guided us all of these years,” Jeff Huckaby, president of Grimmway Farms, said in the release.

After first opening a produce stand in Anaheim, Rod and Bob Grimm set their sights on the carrot industry and began doing business as Grimmway Farms in 1969, according to the release. The brothers moved to Kern County in 1981, expanding operations to take advantage of the region’s year-round growing conditions.

In 1990, they combined their knowledge of farming, engineering and consumer trends to market baby carrots, a move that would catapult the company’s growth and redefine consumer demand for healthy snacks.

The 50th-anniversary celebrations begin March 28 with a farm-to-table event celebrating agricultural stewardship.

In April, the annual Grimmway Farms company picnic — hosting more than 10,000 employees and their families — will feature an awards ceremony for the company’s college scholarship program. Grimmway has invested more than $1.65 million in scholarships for employees’ children through the program.

Additional events will include celebrations for Grimmway Farms’ community and partners.