Bakersfield, Calif.-based grower Grimmway Farms is set to deliver ruby red, gold and its proprietary Avalanche white potatoes under the King Pak label through August.

As the sole producer of the King Pak brand for nearly 20 years, Grimmway says the key to its success is sending fresh-packed potatoes to market early in the season and never holding product in storage.

"We've received excellent feedback on the quality of our crop and the distinct flavor profile of each variety," fresh sales category manager Chris Rhodes said in a news release.

Grimmway says it is among the earliest companies harvesting potatoes and will ship from April to August.

"We grow in Coachella through the winter. Then we move back to Bakersfield in spring before heading to Lancaster for the summer," Rhodes said.

King Pak potatoes are integrated with Grimmway's carrot and organic vegetable sales "to create a seamless purchase experience for retailers," the company said, noting that it allows for "one-step ordering and single crop loading."

Grimmway offers early potatoes in a range of pack sizes and flexible shipping options, including 3-, 5- and 10-pound retail bags. The company also offers 50-pound bulk cartons filled with A-, B- or C-sized potatoes.