( Courtesy Hass Avocado Board )

The Hass Avocado Board has a new website stocked with data and tools for growers and marketers.

The site, hassavocadoboard.com, has avocado volume data and projections, category data and global trade reports.

For example, 37.5 million pounds of avocados were shipped through the end of week 18 (May 5), and a projected 61.8 million pounds are projected through week 20 (May 19).

Hass Avocado Board research reports are also available, highlighting the group’s Avocado Shopper Insights series, which break down sales data by demographics, including region, and by season and holidays.

A section focuses on the avocado board and its activities, including information for growers, marketers, health professionals and consumers. It includes the board’s five-year strategic plan, annual reports and independent evaluations.

The site requires registration, but is open to anyone.