Norma Hollnagel ( Hazel Technologies )

Norma Hollnagel has joined Fresno, Calif.-based Hazel Technologies Inc. as senior sales manager.

Hollnagel comes to Hazel Technologies after working 19 years at Ethylene Control, most recently in a vice president’s role, according to a news release.

She will focus on managing Hazel Tech’s customer base and commercial operations in California and other key territories.

The release said that more than 100 packer-shippers have partnered with Hazel Tech as a post-harvest technology provider since the company was founded in 2015.

The company’s technology, according to the release, uses a quarter-sized biodegradable and food-safe packaging insert that is put in the produce carton during packing and extends the shelf life for a variety of fresh produce items.

The company said results have been especially favorable using Hazel Technology with stone fruit. 

The release said the University of California-Davis completed a successful stone fruit trial with Hazel Tech in 2018 and grower-packers have reported up to a 40% reduction in quality claims and rejections when using the product with peaches, plums, nectarines, and apricots.

“We have seen excellent results using Hazel Plum in our export markets. Sierra Sun Fruit has seen a 40% drop in our product quality claims with our export receivers since working with Hazel Tech,” Dillon Luallen, manager at Sanger, Calif.-based Sierra Sun Fruit Marketing, said in the release.