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Two more people have tested positive for hepatitis A in an outbreak that investigators believe is linked to consumption of fresh blackberries.

Eighteen cases of the illness have been reported in connection with the outbreak, according to a Dec. 10 update from the Food and Drug Administration.

The agency also named another retailer as a possible seller of the blackberries. The FDA is investigating fresh conventionally-grown blackberries from Fresh Thyme Farmers Markets and Woodmans’s Markets.

The berries were distributed to Fresh Thyme locations in 11 states and patients reported buying the berries in Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska and Wisconsin. Woodman’s Markets in Wisconsin and Illinois also sold the berries, according to the FDA.

The berries were sold from Sept. 9-30, and although the shelf life of the berries is past, the FDA is advising consumers who froze them to throw them out if purchased from those stores during that time.

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