Hollandia Produce launches Squircle packagingHollandia Produce LLC is launching a clamshell redesign called the Squircle for its Living Butter Lettuce, one of several products in the Carpinteria, Calif.-based company"s Live Gourmet line.

The design incorporates features of both a square and a circle, optimizing space and enabling automated packaging systems, Hollandia Produce chief executive officer Pete Overgaag said in a news release. On the shipping side, it gives a 20% increase in units per pallet, according to the company.

Sustainability features include a 15% source reduction in RPC PETE used to make the clamshell. A new harness-style master carton used to ship the lettuce reduces total annual cardboard packaging for the product by 40%.

The redesigned package will help differentiate the product from other living lettuce grower shippers, director of marketing Vincent Choate said in the release.

 The label is part of the design and doubles as a tamper-evident seal. Consumer and frequent-user focus group studies showed the new design maintains brand recognition while attracting first-time buyers, Choate said.