( Courtesy Homegrown Organic Farms )

Homegrown Organic Farms is partnering with Valles del Sur, a Chilean grower, to import organic blueberries.

“Solidifying an import program has been part of our strategic plan for several years, and we are excited to partner with Valles del Sur for the 2020-21 blueberry import season,” Scott Mabs, chief executive officer, said in a news release.

Blueberries will be imported October through March, the off-season of California and Oregon, offering blueberries year-round.

“This new partnership is going to give us a single source program with unmatched consistency throughout the entire supply chain,” Stephen Paul, category director, said in the release.

The Fair Trade USA-certified fruit will be grown in the northern and southern regions of Chile and packed in California.

“The team in Chile greatly aligns with the mission, vision and values of Homegrown and operates in a very similar method of business,” Mabs said in the release. “Together we are excited to bring their product to the U.S. market and better serve our customers with a more robust organic blueberry program.”

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Submitted by R Henry on Mon, 06/29/2020 - 12:34

Isn't "organic" all about "saving the world."

How does shipping berries around world (carbon emissions!!)...save it?