Nearing its 60th birthday, Hugh H. Branch Inc., is changing its name and rebranding its products.

The South Bay, Fla.-based grower-shipper of sweet corn and green beans is now calling itself "Branch: A Family of Farms," or a shortened version, "Branch."

The "trade-facing name" pays tribute to and seeks to tell the story of the operation"s roster of longtime growers, the family of farms that constitutes the core of Branch"s success, according to a news release.

Many of Branch"s farmers have been growing produce for more than 50 years with most averaging 25 years of service and the company wishes to not only call attention to its founder, Hugh Branch Sr., but all the farmers that have constituted the operation since the beginning, according to the release.

"As we grow, we want to reposition our company and brand by putting our farmers at the center of everything we do," Brett Bergmann, president and co-owner, said in the release. "Our new logo says it all ‘Branch: A Family of Farms." We are much more than just one person, we are a family of farmers who all share the common purpose of providing customers with the highest quality vegetables possible."

In 2006, Bergmann, the late Dan Shiver, vegetables salesman, and Hugh "Chip" Branch Jr., packinghouse and precooler manager, purchased the company founded in 1957 from owner and co-founder Hugh H. Branch Sr. Shiver died in March.

Branch grows, ships and packs corn and beans from Florida, Georgia and other growing regions and also grows and ships leafy greens, radishes and celery.



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