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For the third year, IFCO Systems is offering grower and retailer customers who use the company’s reusable plastic containers a certificate noting its sustainability initiatives.

The Sustainability Certificate allows users of IFCO RPCs to document sustainability progress internally and to customers and supply chain partners, according to a news release.

“The use of RPCs ensures sustainability along the entire supply chain, from the growers to the retailers,” Wolfgang Orgeldinger, IFCO CEO, said in the release. “By awarding our Sustainability Certificate we like to recognize the efforts of customers in both industries in reducing their environmental footprint.”

IFCO RPCs are reused between 30 and 120 times, according to the company, which monitors the environmental benefits through a logistics concept called the IFCO SmartCycle. Damaged containers are recycled and used to make new RPCs.

The company measures benefits in the reduction of CO2 production, and reduction of water, electricity, solid waste and food waste, according to the release.

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