Pure Hothouse uses more than one million IFCO reusable plastic containers per year. ( Courtesy Pure Hothouse )

Through six years of working with Tampa, Fla.-based IFCO, Leamington, Ontario-based Pure Hothouse uses the company to help keep its tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and eggplants fresh, using more than one million IFCO reusable plastic containers each year.

“Not only do they provide us with ‘smart packaging’ that protects and cools our products extremely well, they maximize our operational efficiency by ensuring we have an adequate supply of RPCs year-round, even during peak growing seasons. That predictability means we can continue to serve our customers and their shoppers efficiently, effectively and on time”, Jason Veno, packaging operations manager for Pure Hothouse, said in a news release.

IFCO and Pure Hothouse developed forecasting to track growing seasons and produce orders to ensure the right number of RPCs are delivered on time, according to the release.

The companies plan to exhibit at the Southeast Produce Council’s Southern Exposure, March 3 in Tampa. IFCO will be in Booth 120 and Pure Hothouse will be in Booth 605.