IFCO's redesigned website includes videos showing reusable plastic containers being used throughout the supply chain, including grapes, from harvest to the consumer. ( Courtesy IFCO )

Reusable plastic container company IFCO Systems has redesigned its website to allow users to find industry-specific products and services.

The site — www.ifco.com — is designed as an information hub for “supply chain experts and decision makers,” to stimulate discussion beyond daily supply chain business, according to a news release.

It describes the scope of IFCO’s RPC network, with pages for fruits and vegetables (and a banana-specific page), meat, bread and other foods. Videos for those industry follow products through the supply chain. For example,  viewers can hear from a growers, packers, shippers, and retailers about grapes and tomatoes packed and displayed in IFCO RPCs.

The company’s SmartCycle pooling system and SmartGuardian cleaning/sanitation software programs are also discussed.

Another feature, CEO Insights, focuses on discussions of retail trends by IFCO CEO Wolfgang Orgeldinger.

“Technological change, new customer behavior, and growing online sales of fresh produce change the grocery industry,” Orgeldinger said in the release. “This transformation will require new tools, strategies and technologies. We want to share our expertise in these areas to make sure our customers stay on top of trends and lead the way.”

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