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International Fruit Genetics, Bakersfield, Calif., is adding six grape varieties with unique flavors and shapes to its lineup.

CEO Andy Higgins said consumers are attracted to the unique names of the grapes.

“Consumers will be attracted by such unique names and once they taste these new grapes, they will come back for more just as they have with our previous grape varietals,” he said in a news release. “Consumers are searching for nutritious, high-quality grapes with excellent taste, and IFG’s breeding program is designed to deliver what consumers want.”

The grapes are:

  • Gracenote: Large, elongated and black, and autumn royal type with Product Look-Up code of 3497;
  • Kokomo: A tropical Labrusca-flavored black grape, PLU 3500;
  • Julep: tropical with a hint of mint, a big round berry, PLU 3500;
  • Bebop: Red mild Labrusca flavor with good color and high yield potential, PLU 3499;
  • Quip: White lady finger-type, PLU, 3501; and
  • Rugby: Crunchy, late-season, light red to pink grapes with a large oval shape, PLU 3496.

“Our new names are catchy, fun and memorable,” Higgins said in the release. “They reflect our efforts to revolutionize the industry. We aim to inspire the consumer and give our growers, marketers, and retailers a platform to maximize the potential that each variety has to offer.”

The company plans to release more varieties this year.

The company has licensees in 15 countries, according to the release.

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