Full Interview Goodlatte DC
The U.S. must work to find ways to expand its workforce and improve productivity.

Several weeks ago getting immigration legislation through Congress seemed like a lock in 2018. Once tied to the inevitable passage of an Omnibus spending bill, immigration reform has since fallen off the table because of a recent Supreme Court ruling on the DACA issue. 

The ruling saying President Trump cannot end the program and kicked a bigger decision back to a lower court. That, in turn, eased pressure and stifled the urgency of getting a DACA deal done in the Omnibus spending package. It's also stalled a new agricultural guest worker program.

But, bill author, Virginia Representative Bob Goodlatte, continues to move forward the legislation hoping to get it passed soon.

He recently sat down with AgDay TV host Clinton Griffiths for an exclusive interview and update on the bill's progress including a timeline for getting it through Congress.