Index Fresh is importing avocados from Colombia for the third season. ( Courtesy Index Fresh )

Index Fresh is offering Colombian avocados for the third season.

“Colombian avocados are evolving to become a greater part of our offering for the general market,” Giovanni Cavaletto, vice president of sourcing at Index Fresh, said in a news release. “This is our third season, and each time there’s more availability.”

Being offered for a five-week window, the Colombian hass is slightly smaller than the varieties from California, Peru and Mexico that are available now.

“This fruit is helping fill in a niche that the market is looking for at this time of the year,” Cavaletto said in the release.

Colombian avocados are in season twice a year — June to September and November to February.

“Eventually, those two seasons are going to blend, and within a couple of years, Colombia will be a year-round supplier of avocados,” Cavaletto said in the release. “Our goal is to have a steady growth each season, and Colombia will be a very important part of our offerings.”

There are three mountain ranges in Colombia that will provide the extended season and “fantastic growing conditions,” according to Cavaletto. With ports on the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, Colombia has good access for shipping.

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