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Index Fresh, Riverside, Calif., has started Its Peruvian avocado season, with shipments lasting through early September.

July and August Is the peak volume period for Peruvian avocados, and the fruit plays a key role In Index Fresh's summer marketing, according to a news release.

"We’re excited for this season and it looks like it’ll be a good summer for all growers from all countries,” Giovanni Cavaletto, vice president of sourcing at Index Fresh, said in the release."This is the tenth year of Index Fresh working with Peruvian avocados."

As the supply of avocados from Peru allows it to become more of a key summer supplier, production could grow to a billion pounds, according to the release.

This season, however, projections put U.S. Imports lower than last season's, because It's an off-year for the alternate-bearing crop.

Index Fresh focuses on value-added options for customers, according to the release, Including packing In bags or reusable plastic containers, and offering ripening services.

Peru represents about 8% of the avocados sold In the U.S. each year, according to the release, but It spikes to about 25% of avocados sold during the peak season.

“Peru is shipping out 165 million pounds to the U.S., that’s 20-25% of their crop," Cavaletto said in the release. "Europe remains their prime destination for avocados."

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