In a previous post, I showed charts of fresh fruit and vegetable exports to specific markets.

Today, I’m featuring charts showing top global suppliers of fruits and vegetables to the U.S. Most remarkable, I think, is the rapid ascension of Peru fruit (largely avocados, citrus and grapes) exports to the U.S.  

It is also interesting that fresh and frozen fruit shipments from Mexico have now eclipsed the value of fresh vegetable shipments from the country.

Also, observe that while U.S. exports to China have suffered, Chinese fresh vegetable exports to the U.S. have also fallen on troubled times because of the tariff war between the two countries.

Canada has recorded several years of consistent growth in fresh vegetable shipments to the U.S.



Submitted by Keri G. on Fri, 09/13/2019 - 08:49

Why not use domestic products and support the USA? I don't understand!