Know which apple variety Fresh Trends consumers identified as their top pick? ( Alison Fulton )

Hover over the apple images to reveal the percentage of consumers that chose a variety as their top pick.

A hearty green apple knocked off red delicious as the variety of choice for the first time ever — granny smiths claimed the top spot in Fresh Trends 2018. In fact, the once-dominant red delicious variety fell to third place this year.

Consumers chose the American cultivar Honeycrisp as the No. 2 most popular apple variety in Fresh Trends 2018.

We’ve watched the Honeycrisp steadily climb up the apple charts in Fresh Trends (it came in at No. 7 five years ago, at No. 6 in 2014 and 2015, fifth in Fresh Trends 2016 and fourth last year).

Gala apples tied red delicious in the No. 3 spot.


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