With the help of a new investment, Sweden-based MOST plans to recruit representatives worldwide to promote what it describes as a revolutionary data tracker.

The MOST device is cloud-connected to protect against loss of data, with the added benefit that maritime shipments can be tracked throughout a voyage, according to a news release. The device also measures shock during road transportation, a feature the company said has resonated with fresh produce customers in particular.

“If they go on a bad road the fruit will get bruised, so people are starting to realize the importance of having a real-time connected logger that can show what happens to fruit after it leaves the farm,” CEO Jon Hjertenstein said in the release. “Our device reduces the number of shipments being rejected and in the end, provides better products to importers, retailers and end customers.”

The device also tracks temperature, light and humidity.

The recent investment in the company comes from South Africa-based Knife Capital. As part of that deal, a member of the group will also be on the MOST management board.

MOST plans to add employees in Europe, Latin America, North America and southern Africa to promote the device. It also plans to eventually expand into Asia.