Specialty oranges and lemons are now available. ( John Vena Inc. )

Sorrento lemons and Tarocco blood oranges from Italy are available via Philadelphia-based wholesaler John Vena Inc.

The first container shipments to the East Coast were slated to arrive by mid-March, and shipments are expected to continue into May, according to a news release.

John Vena Inc. expects the fruit to draw attention from foodies, health-conscious shoppers and consumers interested in international flavors, among others.

The company will be offering a bag option for the specialty lemons and oranges this year under the Bella Vita label.

“We are really excited to offer these new retail pouches,” director of marketing Emily Kohlhas said in the release. “Not only will they improve storage life, they will help to quickly and efficiently communicate to consumers that these are premium products worthy of their attention. The pouch even includes nutrition information and recipe suggestions, making merchandising a breeze. It’s the perfect fit for specialty retailers, especially those with an emphasis on European imports.”

The fruit can spark interest for foodservice operators as well, according to the company.

“Calling out the origin of Italian specialty citrus in menu item descriptions can help differentiate a special or highlight an event,” Kohlhas said in the release. “Share photos of the products on social media to engage customers and get them as excited to try a new dish as you are to develop it.”