JBT completed a solar energy project at its facility in Sint Niklaas, Belgium. ( Courtesy JBT Corp. )

JBT Corp., Chicago, is committed to helping customers achieve sustainability goals through processing equipment that increase yields, reduce waste and cut energy use.

The company’s systems help fresh-cut processors use more of the raw product, and systems such as the Heat Recovery Systems for Continuous Rotary Sterilizers for canned goods reduce energy use, according to a news release

“At JBT, we have undertaken a number of important sustainability initiatives over the past 12 months, beginning with a profound analysis of the company – looking at where we are and how we can improve – and including a much improved information campaign both internally and externally,” Carlos Fernandez, JBT Liquid Foods president and executive vice president, said in the release.

At packaging technology company Proseal, purchased by JBT Corp. in 2019, products are using less plastic than clamshells.  Micro-perforated films used by ProSeal help products, including berries and mushrooms, to breathe at a controlled rate, according to the release.

JBT’s READYGo CIP and Citrosan help producers and processors cut bills by reducing water and chemicals by making caustic and rinse water safe for reuse, according to the release.

The company recently signed a deal with SmartWash to expand its use in Europe. 

“These alliances, acquisitions and solutions are part of a larger JBT strategy, making sure JBT is at the forefront of the trends driving growth in the food industry, Fernandez said in the release. “Sustainability is not only part of JBT’s philosophy, it is something positive for the world and indispensable for the industry as a whole.”

The company has been a supporter of sustainability in the international food and beverage business, according to the news release.

“However, amid concerns over the environment and the tightening of budgets due to the Covid-19 crisis, JBT has given a fresh commitment to further boosting sustainability practices, both internally and externally,” according to the release.