Henrichsen ( LinkedIn )

Many knew her as the “Veggie Lady,” for lively spirit and passion for fresh produce. Judy Henrichsen, agriculture industry manager for the Houston Food Bank, has died.

Henrichsen had a long history with the Houston fresh produce industry, working with Dimare Fresh, Brothers Produce, Pro*Act and HerbCo. She joined the Houston Food Bank in November 2016, where she helped the organization with sourcing and logistics for fresh produce for its more than 600 member agencies. 

“The Houston Food Bank is so sorrowful to hear about the passing of Judy Henrichsen, our agriculture industry manager,” said chief communications officer Betsy Ballard, in a statement. “Judy enriched our connections to donors of fresh fruits and vegetables through her strong background in the produce industry.”

Ballard said that coworkers at the food bank were delighted that she used “Veggie Lady” for her e-mail address.

“Judy was truly passionate and knowledgeable about the produce world,” Ballard said.

Brent Erenwert, chief innovation officer of Houston-based Brothers Produce, said many lost a good friend.

“Judy was like a big sister to me,” he said. “I was fortunate enough to meet her when I was just a young kid in the industry. She always preached to me that it was OK to tell the customer ‘no.’ We still spoke frequently and these past few months worked together on so many projects with the hurricane efforts.”

“This industry lost a great person, but many of us, such as myself, lost a great friend,” he said. “We will miss and forever remember Judy.”

Henrichsen reportedly had not been seen for a few days, and was found at her home. Details on funeral arrangements are not available.