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Greencastle, Pa.-based Keystone Fruit Marketing Inc. is looking to step into large volumes of rosé red Walla Walla sweet onions this season, said Dan Borer, general manager of Keystone’s Walla Walla, Wash., office.

“We’re growing a true, sweet red onion,” he said. “It’s a long, drawn-out process because we select our own seed. This is the first season we’re really in good production of our rosé reds.”

The rosé Red is a “true” Walla Walla sweet, Borer said.

“Unlike some hybrid onions that say they are sweet, this is a true, short-day sweet onion,” he said.

Keystone likely will have as many as 50 40,000-pound loads of the variety this year, with “heavy West Coast distribution,” Borer said.

The rosé red will be available until late August, he noted.


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