Eco-Lok ( Courtesy Kwik Lok )

Bag closure company Kwik Lok Corp., Yakima, Wash., has introduced Eco-Lok, a sustainable product made from a plant-based biopolymer.

Eco-Lok, made from NuPlastiQ, requires 20% fewer greenhouse gas emissions to produce than standard closures, according to a news release, and retains the qualities of existing plastic Kwik Lok closures: printable, reusable, recyclable and can be detected by a metal detector.

“Our customers are demanding more sustainable packaging solutions and Eco-Lok is a high-quality product that reduces our carbon footprint and that of our customers,” Don Carrell, CEO of Kwik Lok Corp., said in the release.

BioLogiQ, the company that uses corn and potatoes to make the renewable-source plant resin used to make the NuPlastiQ material, uses less fuel to make products than traditional plastic manufacturing, according to the release.

Kwik Lok Corp. plans to reduce its energy use 20% by 2025. 

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