A worker harvests product for Lakeside Organic Gardens LLC. The company has a yearround program of 50 commodities, says Marliese McWherter, creative marketing manager.
( Courtesy Lakeside Organic Gardens LLC )

Watsonville, Calif.-based Lakeside Organic Gardens LLC has a year-round program of 50 commodities, said Marliese McWherter, creative marketing manager.

“We will ship everything,” she said.

Zucchini does especially well in August and September, she added.

“At our Watsonville ranches, we try to be consistent through November, all depending on the weather, then transition south and continue to grow everything with the exception of the summer crops — bell peppers, peas and cucumbers.”

The coastal climate has been mild this summer, said Juan Gonzalez, operations manager.

“Our romaine, red and green leaf, spinach, mei quing choy, radishes and broccoli quality has been phenomenal,” he said.

“The summer weather has definitely been in our favor.”

Gonzalez said he expected great quality to continue through late summer and fall.

Maintaining a high quality level is a team effort, he said.

“Sales is selling out, which allows us to keep everything fresh in our cooler,” Gonzalez said.

“It’s a fine balance, but over the years, we have really figured it out and nailed it.”

Volume should be about the same as last year at Lakeside. 

“Annually we have a meeting with sales and talk in-depth about volume needs,” Gonzalez said.

“Statistically speaking, volume is up because production has been a killer,” he said.

The company continues to grow, McWherter said.

“COVID-19 is still in full force,” she said. 

“Americans are looking to stay healthy in any way they can.” 


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