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(UPDATED April 13) As production switches back to California fields, California Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement has scheduled another web seminar for retailers, foodservice operators and other buyers, with an emphasis on COVID-19 updates.

The California Department of Food and Agriculture, which oversees the Food Safety Modernization Act-related audits of leafy greens growers, considers food safety as “essential,” and continues the audits, California LGMA CEO Scott Horsfall said in a news release.

“The LGMA is working with CDFA to offer solutions that allow for enhanced social distancing during audits but, as always, LGMA member companies will be audited an average of five times this year to verify required food safety practices are being followed on farms,” Horsfall said in the release.

The seminar is from 10-11 a.m. Pacific April 17, and registration is online.

Horsfall said “a lot is happening” to strengthen the group’s food safety measures.

“LGMA subcommittees are meeting regularly to review all facets of our required food safety practices,” he said in the release. “The subcommittee dealing with water used in growing leafy greens has completed its review of the current LGMA required practices and is recommending over 30 separate changes to strengthen existing practices.”
Those changes include best practices on drip irrigation and furrow irrigation, enhancements to sampling requirements for water and water treatments


“Efforts to improve the safety of leafy greens must go on — even in the midst of a pandemic,” Horsfall said in the release. “We know your schedules are hectic and a lot is already on your minds, but we hope you’ll take 60 minutes to learn how the industry is working together to improve safety. More importantly, we hope you’ll engage as part of our leafy greens community.”


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