LGS Specialty Sales logo ( Courtesy LGS )

Citrus, grape and avocado importer LGS Specialty Sales Ltd., New Rochelle, N.Y., has earned Brand Reputation Compliance certification.

BRC is a more rigorous standard within the Global Food Safety Initiative, according to a news release, and the certification verifies that LGS and its suppliers have implemented food safety and quality protocols.

“This investment was a valuable choice for our team knowing that it would enhance our brand quality,” Kristina Kovac, food safety director at LGS, said in the release. “It is part of our company’s model to always be forward-thinking and a step ahead.”

According to the release, LGS sought BRC certification because of its unique set of standards that are tailored to the company’s role within the supply chain.

“From the very beginning, we have cared deeply about food safety, not just to protect our customers — which is of utmost important to us — but to also enhance our credibility and relationships with retail partners,” Luke Sears, president and founder of LGS, said in the release.