( Courtesy LGS )

LGS Specialty Sales Ltd., New Rochelle, N.Y., is preparing to start the Peruvian avocado and summer citrus seasons by visiting growers in different countries.

LGS advisors plan to visit citrus and avocado farms in Peru, Argentina and Chile to plan for the upcoming season, according to a news release.

The company plans to increase its Peruvian avocado program to complement Mexican fruit for a steady supply in the summer.

The company also imports Peruvian and Chilean clementines, as well as lemons from Argentina and Chile, minneolas from Peru and navel oranges from Chile.

“We value our partners and the work they do to help us keep our commitment to provide fresh produce to our U.S. customers year-round,” Luke Sears, president and founder of LGS, said in the release. “Our summer citrus and Peruvian avocado programs focus on meeting the needs and demands of our customers, and our partners overseas make that possible.”

As Cinco de Mayo and Labor Day lead in to the summer season, shoppers are spending more time outside, and citrus and avocado programs are a crucial part of catering to those occasions, according to the release.

“As we continue to enhance and develop our relationships with growers in different regions, we’re able improve our availability of fruit during these months when citrus and avocados are in demand the most,” Sears said in the release.