Cara caras are the newest member of the Darling Citrus line from LGS Specialty Sales. ( File Photo )

New Rochelle, N.Y.-based LGS Specialty Sales has added Chilean cara cara oranges to its Darling Citrus line.

The cara cara oranges will be available August through mid- to late September, according to a news release.

“We are so excited to be adding cara caras to our Darling Citrus line,” Luke Sears, president and founder of LGS Specialty Sales, said in the release. “Growing our Darling line has been a great accomplishment for LGS, and we are excited to continue supplying the U.S. with fresh, flavorful citrus grown in select regions across the world.”

Along with oranges, the company’s citrus line includes clementines, minneolas and lemons.

“The Darling line is successful because of the select growers we partner with,” Sears said in the release. “Our summer citrus growers have provided us with excellent quality and volume for the summer, and we are excited to now offer our customers an even greater variety with the Darling Cara Caras.”

To represent the whole citrus line from LGS, the social media accounts promoting the products have been changed from @DarlingClementines to @DarlingCitrus.