( Limoneira )

Santa Paula, Calif.-based Limoneira Company has two seasonal promotion plans that will carry lemon promotions through the fall and winter season.

“Lemons are mistakenly thought of as a strictly summertime item, but we’re here to help retailers show consumers that lemons are versatile, delicious purchases year-round,” John Carter, director of global sales at Limoneira, said in a news release. “These packaging campaigns, which are built on the foundation of in-depth market testing, will help our retail partners build consumer awareness of the versatility of lemons during the winter season and drive increased lemon sales.”

In the period from Nov. 1 to Dec. 19, Limoneria will offer a limited-time promotion called “Meyer Magic! Santa Claus is coming to Town.” 

According to the release, the promotion will highlight the seasonal flavor benefits of Limoneira meyer lemons. The variety boasts sweeter flesh, less tartness and acidity and have a thin, edible skin ideal for the holiday cooking and baking season, according to the release.

With the promotion, Limoneira will provide retailers with secondary display units featuring a festive 1927 colorful citrus Santa Claus label designed by the well-known Schmidt lithographers of Los Angeles, according to the release.

From Jan. 1 to March 31, Limoneira said it will be offering a “Mix and Match: Pair It Up” packaging promotion. That promotion, according to the release, which features three top varieties of Limoneira lemons in one grab-and-go bag.

“We conducted in-depth customer testing in select markets which revealed that with simple education about the flavor profile differences between lemon varieties, consumer sales showed great growth,” John Chamberlain, director of marketing at Limoneria, said in the release. “With on-package education and recipes, lemon volume sales increased by 105% with no cannibalization, specialty lemon volume increased 356% and specialty lemon sales grew from 20% to 45% of total lemon sales. This is exactly why we are now offering retailers nationwide the Mix and Match Bag.”

The Mix and Match Bag features classic lemons, meyer lemons and pink lemons. The packaging and displays clearly highlight key flavor differences of the lemons, according to the release. The Mix and Match Bag promotion will also extend outside retail locations with a robust social campaign featuring popular social media influencer Megan Roosevelt, Healthy Grocery Girl.