The Limoneira Co. has found a way to make its recyclable cartons even greener.

"Limoneira's new cartons are direct print, where the ink is printed directly onto cardboard," said director of marketing John Chamberlain.

"It requires less ink and is more easily recyclable than previous cartons. Printing is done on kraft paper, not bleached white."

The Santa Paula, Calif.-based company, which opened a new packinghouse last March, switched to kraft cartons from bleached cartons, which require chlorine to whiten pulp during production.

That process, Chamberlain said, has the potential to cause significant environmental damage to waterways.

Chamberlain said Limoneira's bags and promotional materials, including in-store displays, also are recyclable.

"Many of our customers want to work with companies that have sustainability programs in place," Chamberlain said.

Limoneira's sustainability program expanded last year with the addition of a third solar installation. The company can now produce more than 5,800 megawatt hours of solar energy per year. Chamberlain said the company also schedules production hours at nonpeak energy times.

The company also uses drip irrigation, has an organic mulch project that diverts green waste from landfills and uses integrated pest management systems to reduce pesticide use, he said.

In 2016, Limoneira completed 68 new housing units for farm workers, bringing its total to 200 units.

"We are the largest provider of farmworker housing in Ventura County," Chamberlain said.

"It helps to provide housing for all income levels in our community. When workers have safe and clean places to live near agriculture production, it reduces traffic in the community."