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The saying goes that when March comes in like a lion, it goes out like a lamb.

However we puzzle out that saying, we certainly can identify the top produce-related stories that roared in March. Two previous Fresh Talk posts have looked at top stories at The Packer for January and February.

Today, here are some of the top traffic-grabbing stories in March:

EWG releases 2019 ‘Dirty Dozen,’ ‘Clean 15’ lists

Henry Avocado recalls California fruit over listeria concern

Trump revives harvest box proposal to save billions

Letter: Clarifying the tomato suspension situation

Mexican greenhouse production soars

Expectations vary on how new Amazon format will affect grocery

USDA projects U.S. citrus output will decline over next ten years

Poll results: Reader opinions split on border wall plan

Longtime Florida salesman Stu Monaghan dies


Here are some of the consumer media stories that caught my eye in March:

Americans aren’t getting enough sleep and it’s killing us

Healthy Kids’ Meal Movement Grows with Passage of New York City Bill

Where Are California FOB’s Headed?

Healthiest Communities

50,000 warehouses to use 4 million robots by 2025, says report

Tuck into colourful fruits and vegetables and see the light Antioxidants the key to lowering risk of age-related cataracts

Sweet scheme: France uncovers massive Italian kiwi fraud

One nation under stress

“Prescribing” fruits and veggies would save $100 billion in medical costs

Editorial: Fresh produce can help take a bite out of health costs

In online grocery, Amazon and Walmart at ‘genius’ level

Millennials turn away from traditional produce departments

Keck School of Medicine brings fresh produce to Southern California communities

Lettuce be happy: A longitudinal UK study on the relationship between fruit and vegetable consumption and well-being

Kale joins strawberries and other fruits and veggies on annual ‘Dirty Dozen’ pesticide list

Want To Grow Veggies In Your Front Yard? Florida Senate Passes Vegetable Garden Bill

Heart-healthy diets in early adulthood linked to better brain function in middle age

Researchers see significant decline in Canadian fruit and vegetable consumption


From Google Trends, fruit and vegetable related queries during March....



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  • what is the difference between fruits and vegetables
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  • what fruits and vegetables can dogs eat