Litehouse has dressing designed specifically to go with coleslaw and will be promoting it this summer. ( Litehouse )

Litehouse encourages retailers to emphasize coleslaw — and coleslaw dressing — with its annual promotion timed with the grilling season.

Signage, point-of-sale material and 2-for-$5 pricing are all part of the campaign, which runs June 17 through July 9, according to a news release. The coleslaw dressing will be promoted alongside coleslaw kits, with the combination touted as “2 Ingredient Coleslaw.”

Litehouse describes the combo as ideal to be paired with fish, burgers or tacos.

Sales of coleslaw are 50% higher in June and July than during other times of year, according to Litehouse, citing IRI data.

The campaign will also include a media tour on summer entertaining, “Summertime Kitchen Hacks” editorial content and recipes from bloggers and social media influencers.

Litehouse designed its coleslaw dressing to be thicker so it doesn’t get diluted by water when it is added to cabbage.