Little Leaf Farms has expanded its greenhouse. ( Little Leaf Farms )

Little Leaf Farms has expanded its greenhouse in Devens, Mass., from 2.5 acres to five acres.

With the change, the company more than doubles production, according to a news release. Little Leaf Farms hydroponically grows varieties of baby lettuce. Its customers include more than 1,000 grocery stores in the Northeast and numerous restaurants, universities and other foodservice operators.

More construction, set to begin in 2019, will expand the greenhouse to 10 acres. The company has purchased adjacent land for the project.

“We are passionate about transforming the way food is grown,” Paul Sellew, CEO and founder of Little Leaf Farms, said in the release. “We incorporate principles of sustainability in everything we do, all to provide consumers with delicious, local baby greens at a fair price.  Our process is clean from the start, so consumers can be confident they’re purchasing a safe product, grown in an environment that employs the most advanced food safety practices.”

Andrew W. Kendall, executive director of the Henry P. Kendall Foundation, an organization that advocates for local food, endorsed the company.

“Little Leaf Farms has cracked the code on providing the region with fresh baby greens within hours of being harvested,” Kendall said in the release. “It’s exciting to see that consumers appreciate the value of the product, which will drive the company’s growth for years to come.”