Jade Produce is relatively new to mangoes, but sales are going well enough to expand its warehouse by another 10,000 square feet this season. ( Courtesy Jade Produce )

Amazon Produce to ship Fair Trade mangoes

Two Mexican mango suppliers for Vineland, N.J.-based Amazon Produce Network have earned Fair Trade certification for this season, said partner Greg Golden.

He said Amazon will have supplies from Sinaloa, Mexico, in June for interested buyers.

“We’re really excited about our Fair Trade Certified program for conventional and organic (mangoes), on round and yellow varieties,” Golden said.

He said the company will promote the certification on PLU stickers, boxes and other promotional material.


Ciruli expands production

Ciruli Bros. LLC, Rio Rico, Ariz., continues to expand its Champagne brand ataulfo, kent and keitt varieties’ production in late summer and early fall, said partner Chris Ciruli.

He said the company is moving more toward year-round production with off-shore fruit.

Also, he said last year Ciruli Bros. hired Richard Campbell, “who is a renowned mango expert with over 25 years of experience researching tropical fruit. Dr. Campbell oversees our mango program and is playing a critical role in building year-round supplies while maintaining high-quality levels.”


Jade Produce expands mango warehouse

Rudy Uresti, CEO of Jade Produce LLC, Mission, Texas, said the company is relatively new to mangoes, but sales are going well enough to expand its warehouse by another 10,000 square feet this season.

“If the business keeps asking for growth, we’ll keep building it,” he said.

Uresti said Jade Produce has had good success building business by exhibiting at national and regional expos, and he expects to participate in many of them this year.


National Mango Board adds three to staff

The National Mango Board, Orlando, Fla., has added three marketing staff members: Tammy Wiard, retail program manager, Marissa Khan, marketing manager, and Michelle Larkin, marketing specialist.

Wiard joined the board in November, and Khan and Larkin both joined in December.

Wiard’s background includes marketing positions with the Florida Department of Citrus and Albertsons/Safeway.

She will oversee the board’s retail account staff and all retail marketing support programs for the board. She succeeds Wendy McManus.

Khan will plan, manage and coordinate marketing and communications programs, including social media and newsletters.

Larkin is responsible for creating blog content and monitoring social media.


Robinson breaks into Fair Trade mangoes

James Watson, mango commodity manager for Robinson Fresh, Eden Prairie, Minn., said the company will ship Fair Trade certified mangoes for the first time this season, and it’s working with more growers to become certified.

“As consumers are more frequently asking where their food comes from, we are proud to be able to offer this program to our U.S. and European customers this season,” he said.

Robinson Fresh also is investing in its proprietary Navisphere Vision technology, which streamlines logistics.

“We continue to make significant investments in technology solutions that will allow for lower cost, more secure and more efficient ways to transport products around the globe,” Watson said.


World Variety expects solid mango growth

Robert Schueller, director of public relations for Los Angeles-based World Variety Produce, which markets the Melissa’s brand, said the company expects about 10% mango growth in 2018.

In that, he expects organic mango growth of 10% to 15%; 20% to 25% growth for counter-seasonal Australian mangoes in November and December; and about 20% to 25% growth in tree-ripened fruit.

By variety, Schueller said Melissa’s expects 5% to 10% growth in tommy atkins, kents, keitts, hadens and ataulfo/honey and 15% to 20% growth on green keitts from California.