Manter International's AutoPack system is available through Volm Cos. in the U.S. ( Courtesy Manter International )

Netherlands-based Manter International B.V. showcased its new bag placer and semi-automatic bagger at Berlin’s Fruit Logistica recently.

The machines, separately known as Bag Placer and SemiPack, are referred to as AutoPack when combined, and the company said the machinery gives packers the ability to pack in numerous sizes of bags. Although both components have their own operating terminal, when combined, AutoPack operates through one terminal.

“From one location the combination can be adjusted to the different weights, bag types and sizes, which enhances the ease of use of the machine,” Michiel Eilander, commercial manager of Manter International, said in a news release.

In the U.S., the equipment is available through the company’s partner-dealer, Volm Companies, Manter’s marketing and communication director Annelie Hoekstra said.

In the release, the company highlights the bagging equipment’s assets:

  • Capacity — AutoPack has a capacity of 15 bags of 25 kg. a minute, and a high-speed option increases that to 20 bags a minute;
  • Ease of use — AutoPack can be controlled from one terminal;
  • Reliability — Improved software controlling equipment servo-drives increases the ability of the machines to process different sizes of bags; and
  • Sustainability — AutoPack is suitable for using durable paper bags.