Promotions are in the works for summer citrus. ( Citrus from Chile )

Citrus suppliers will have plenty of product for retail and foodservice customers over the summer months, and they plan to promote them in numerous ways, particularly in stores.

Chilean clementines, mandarins and navel oranges will be central to the Chilean Fresh Fruit Association’s marketing campaign, said Karen Brux, managing director of the San Carlos, Calif.-based association.

“With merchandisers throughout the U.S. and Canada, the Chilean Citrus Committee is putting both in-store and online promotions in place with retail chains big and small,” she said.

Plans include digital coupons, display contests, kids cooking programs, back-to-school promotions, demos, social media contests and other initiatives, Brux said.

Social media channels also figure into plans, Brux said.

“With over 350,000 followers on the Fruits from Chile Facebook page, and nearly 20,000 on Instagram, we have a large, captive audience that wants to hear more about how and where Chilean citrus grows,” Brux said.

Consumers are combing social media for summer use ideas and nutrition information, and the association will answer those needs, Brux noted.

“We also share our content with hundreds of social media contacts at the retail level so they can connect their shoppers with Chilean citrus,” she said.


The association also works with supermarket and media dietitians, Brux said.

“We’ve been running this program for several years, and it continues to expand,” she said.

For lemons, Chile’s marketing focus is foodservice, Brux said.

“This includes content sponsorship and digital ads in major foodservice publications, development of foodservice recipes and images, and sponsorship of foodservice conventions and expos,” she said. “We will also be reaching hundreds of thousands of consumers through partnerships with media dietitians who have segments on local TV talk shows in major cities throughout the U.S.”

Santa Paula, Calif.-based Limoneira Co. will roll out its Take a Healthy Stand-The Produce is Nature’s Pharmacy campaign in the summer, said Alex Teague, CEO.

“We are working much more closely with our retail and foodservice partners highlighting the fantastic and versatile health benefits of lemons,” he said.

Nearly all of Limoneira’s retail and foodservice clients over the last few years have either brought on or added to their staff nutritionists who focus on the health of foods across all sectors, Teague said.

“We believe, with our nutritionist, Megan Roosevelt, (that) we have the perfect next step for the ultimate collaboration between grower-retailer/foodservice-customer experience,” Teague said. “Making a healthier and more sustainable society really excites us.”

Each month, Limoneira sends out four videos that feature recipes and tips using Limoneira citrus, Teague said. Roosevelt, founder of Healthy Grocery Girl, hosts the videos and collaborates with Limoneira global opinion leaders for in-store retail and foodservice promotions, Teague said.

Holiday focus

Limoneira promotions roll out for each summer month.

With graduation season in mind, the company looks at “the changing world agriculture” and careers that are possible in that field, Teague said.

“We also celebrate dads for Father’s Day with citrus barbecue and other tips,” he said.

Limoneira focuses on outdoor activities in July, Teague said.

“Summer offers infinite possibilities for in-nature pursuits: barbecues, al fresco dining, hikes, and bike rides are just a few ways to enjoy the season, and we offer easy, delicious ways that citrus can add to the fun,” he said.

In August, Limoneira celebrates Global International Youth Month and “three great lemon holidays: National Lemonade Day, National Lemon Juice Day, and, for our pie-passionate friends, Lemon Meringue Day,” Teague said.

September has a back-to-school focus, Teague said.

“Mom has a lot on her plate in her role as chief household officer,” he said. “We make it easy for her this month with some great tips for easy/tasty/nutritious kids’ lunches.”

Los Angeles-based The Wonderful Co.’s Wonderful Citrus branch also will focus its promotional efforts on usage, said Erin Shiba, with corporate communications.

“For varieties such as lemons and limes, we plan to target key usage occasions and summer holiday timing with promotional ads and display volumes,” she said.

“We offer displays for lemons, limes and Wonderful Halos-branded mandarins.”