Apeel Timelapse
Martin's Super Markets is offering avocados treated by Apeel. ( Apeel )

South Bend, Ind.-based chain Martin’s Super Markets will soon offer Apeel avocados in all its stores after a successful pilot.

Apeel makes plant-based coatings designed to meaningfully increase the shelf life of various fruits and vegetables.

“We are committed to offering our customers the best possible produce while at the same time providing exceptional value,” Ed Osowski, director of produce for Martin’s Super Markets, said a news release. “In keeping with this goal, we tested the Apeel avocados at several locations over several months. The results were positive in terms of customer feedback and increased sales along with a significant reduction in shrink.”

Martin’s plans to feature the fruit with an in-store campaign labeled “Freshness that Won’t Go to Waste.”

Messaging on signage will give shoppers information about Apeel and connect the product with reducing food waste. Secondary display units will also be employed in the campaign.

“We’re seeing a lot of consumer interest and openness to Apeel online, a ton of really positive engagement, and that can help them all get to the shelf, but we really need to help kind of identify this new offering in the produce department,” Natalie Shuman, director of marketing for Apeel, said March 10 at Southeast Produce Council’s Southern Exposure.

Apeel reports that shrink has fallen 50% across the various retailers in which avocados treated with its product are sold.

The company has previously announced partnerships with Costco, Kroger and Harp’s Food Stores.

Gordon Robertson, chief revenue officer for Apeel, said there continues to be significant interest in the company’s products.

“We literally talk about an (Apeel) avocado almost as a new cultivar because we’re bringing something that’s a benefit to not only the retailer but the consumer and everybody else through that supply chain,” Robertson said at Southern Exposure.