Minute Mashers_FinalCut
( Video created by Farm Star Living®, an independent organization. )

Who's with me when I say, "I'm pretty tired of cooking!" The problem is that I still crave some of the more time-consuming comforting foods – like mashed potatoes! However, pulling out pots and waiting on boiling water, or softened potatoes, and adding all of the different ingredients milk and butter and cream and spices and everything that goes along with it can be quite time-consuming, if not overwhelming ... until now!

Say hello to your new favorite, comforting and delicious side-dish: Minute Mashers™. These real, fresh potatoes are grown by the trusted farmers from Green Giant™ Fresh, and this new product offers hot, delicious, and ready-to-eat mashed potatoes - in just seven minutes! No pots, no waiting for the water to boil, nothin' but simplicity and real deliciousness!