( Logo courtesy Matson Fruit Co. )

Matson Fruit Co., Selah, Wash., has continued working on the pandemic-related concerns of its employees. who have staged walkout protests since May 12.

Workers’ key complaints are about safety and corporate culture during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a news release. 

Company leaders and employees have met 15 more times since the initial meeting with employees to hear and address their concerns, according to the release.

“One issue that became apparent was the status of their employment,” Jordan Matson, co-owner and general manager, said in the release. “A horrible rumor spread that the protesters had all lost their jobs. This is far from the truth. Everyone is welcome back; no one has lost their job for speaking their minds and protesting.”

Company leaders have not heard back yet from the Yakima County Health District on other possible areas of improvement.

“This has not stopped us,” Jordan said in the May 20 release. “For instance, today we began issuing out face shields to any team members who want one.”

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