After 11 years with the National Mango Board, Wendy McManus is preparing to move on to a new venture.

The retail program manager for the Orlando-based board plans to leave in June, entering a career in business coaching tailored to the produce industry.

McManus said her new business, Connect 2 Potential, will focus on “energizing leaders and their teams to pursue their highest value work and reach their goals with greater ease.” She said working with a coach for her own position and the staff at the mango board inspired the change.

“The process felt so natural, and I was making big leaps every time I met with my coach,” McManus said. “I was able to identify some of my own blind spots that were holding the team back.”

After a few months of coaching, McManus said her style changed, and positive results with other National Mango Board staff showed it was working. She decided to pursue a yearlong coach-training program to qualify for professional certification next year.

“Although I’m leaving the NMB, I have no plans to leave the produce industry, which has become like a family to me,” she said. “I’m excited to bring my coaching know-how, along with a deep understanding of the industry, to help produce teams build connection and generate outstanding results.”

McManus said the board plans to launch a search for a successor, who she will work with through the transition.