Melissa's recently began distributing fioretto and two other new products. ( World Variety Produce/Melissa's )

Los Angeles-based World Variety Produce has begun shipping several new items under its Melissa’s brand.

The recently debuted products include fioretto cauliflower, peeled and steamed golden beets, and steamed organic lentils, according to the company.

Fioretto — “little flower” in Italian — is described as softer and sweeter than regular cauliflower.

Instead of a thick stem, fioretto has long, slender stems topped with small white florets, and the entire plant can be eaten, according to the company.

The variety stays fresh up to one week if refrigerated. It can be used in salads, added to stir-frys and soups, or mashed, steamed or roasted.

Melissa’s also has expanded its line of steamed vegetables to include peeled and steamed golden beets and steamed organic lentils. Both of those items have a shelf life of more than two months and are merchandised in the refrigerated section of the produce department.

The company started national distribution of all three products in January after showing them at Fresh Summit to gauge interest.