The International Fruit and Vegetables Alliance for Social Responsibility continues to try to improving working conditions and wages for Mexico’s agricultural employees through new partnerships and the creation of its first international forum.

The alliance partnered with the National Agricultural Council and the Mexican federal government have established an international forum, “From Production and Market Consolidation, To A New Social Environment,” that touches on issues of health, education, social security, infrastructure, working conditions and compliance with labor laws, according to a news release.

“We have to be first and foremost committed to a dialogue on improved conditions for farmworkers in Mexico in order to address the issues and find potential solutions,” Aimee Nuñez, director of the alliance, said in the release. “While dialogue is a key step, we also need to create a path to action and ensure that the country’s agriculture industry is committed to supporting these activities.”

The alliance joined by non-profit organization, México Calidad Suprema, announced the creation of the responsible agricultural company award, which recognizes companies that incorporate the best practices in social responsibility within the domestic and international produce market, according to the release.