( Courtesy Reusable Packaging Association )

The Reusable Packaging Association, Tampa, Fla., has a new board of directors chairman, Michael Wasson, chief operating officer of Tosca.

Tosca, Atlanta, is a reusable packing container provider. Wasson, who joined the RPA board in 2018, was its secretary-treasurer, according to a news release. He was chairman of the board’s Operations & Logistics Committee in 2017. He is also on the board of the Association for Supply Chain Management.

“With reuse as the preferred approach to manage packaging materials sustainably, RPA’s primary role to raise awareness about reuse has never been greater,” Wasson said in the release. “I am honored to follow Rick Sasse’s leadership at RPA in advancing the industry opportunities for all association members.”

The RPA hired Hillary Femal, principal of Freshwater Marketing, and former vice president of global marketing for IFCO. She has been RPA chairwoman and is a member of the 2013-14 United Fresh Produce Leadership Program. She was also vice president of sales and marketing for recycled pallet company 48forty Solutions, according to the release.

Femal will lead the RPA’s marketing programs to increase awareness of reusable packaging systems, according to the release.

RPA board member appointments include Ben Stoller, CEO of Paxxal Inc., vice chairman; and Kevin Mazula, CEO of RM2, secretary-treasurer. David Kruger, president of TriEnda Holdings, joined as a board member.