Millennials Eat - Super Bowl 2020
Amelia Freidline and Ashley Nickle ( The Packer )

The Kansas City Chiefs are in the Super Bowl, and to celebrate, we're bringing you another special edition of Millennials Eat!

If you're not a fan of Pat Mahomes, Travis Kelce and Co., never fear — this episode mostly focuses on merchandising around the Super Bowl and produce-centric snacks that fans can prepare for their get-togethers around the game.

Let us know what you've seen stores doing to create interest around the Super Bowl, and share your favorite Super Bowl recipes as well. 

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Submitted by lindafritz on Mon, 01/27/2020 - 20:11

There's also some super cool produce packaging going on at the Super Bowl! They are using my Sustainable Produce Containers instead of plastic clamshells! Taste of Redland Farmer's Market is using my containers exclusively because they are cardboard and easily recycled. They bought 9000 of them to sell their locally-grown cherry tomatoes and strawberries in. Besides being an eco-friendly package they love that there is a lid so customers won't spill them, the box is strong enough to be stacked high and there is no need for a soaker pad for the extra juicy berries.​
​I received this testimonial text from Michael Huter at Taste of Redland: "Taste of Redland loves the Sustainable Produce Container packaging for strawberries and tomatoes that Linda Fritz created. We wanted an eco-friendly package for the Super Bowl Live Miami event and they are perfect!​
Pretty cool, huh? Unless y'all like single-use plastic that ends up in landfills.... :/