( Logo courtesy Bee Sweet Citrus )

Millennials are rapidly gaining ground in the workforce, with more than a third of American employees falling into the 22-36 age range, according to Pew Research data cited by Bee Sweet Citrus.

And the Fowler, Calif.-based company is no exception.

“As of right now, millennials make up approximately 20% of Bee Sweet’s labor force,” Bee Sweet director of communications Monique Bienvenue said in a news release. 

“Several of them now hold upper management positions after pursuing an internship or a part-time job with the company.”

One of those millennials is Chelsey Skooglund, a member of the Marderosian family, which owns and operates Bee Sweet. Skooglund is a financial analyst in company’s accounting department.

“Millennials like to take on work that means something to them: purpose over paycheck,” Skooglund said in the release. 

“Here at Bee Sweet, millennials find great purpose in what they do, and will act as a driving force behind the company’s future growth.”

Millennial Salvador Calderon interned with Bee Sweet while studying agriculture business at Fresno State, according to the release, and now works full time for the company in shipping management.

“Not only do (millennials) have the opportunity to grow professionally by learning from experienced management, we can also utilize our technical skills on equipment that is meant to bolster the efficiency of production,” Calderon said in the release.